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A Day With Nana (Beta Version 0.1)

Dear friends, and supporters.

Ayame's Speech For A Day With Nana Visual Novel Release Beta v0.1

Thank You!

Thank you for showing interest in A Day With Nana. You don’t have any idea how big your support means to me. smile

Game development have been somewhat a healing therapy for me in the past and it still do.

So here I present you the game that will become my début, A Day With Nana.

This beta version comes with two operating system now. I plan for it to be available for Android and iOS too. But alas! Third party solutions always not the best. But don’t worry, I’m still working on that. Cheer on, guys. wink

The visual novel are available for macOS and Windows, for now.


I want to keep this “close” as possible so I’ll send the download link to your email. smile

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Ayame ask for email to A Day With Nana Player

You hear what Ayame’s said guys. Come on now! bigsmile


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