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Our Focus

So far, W.G. Creative Media main focus are in these fields.
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Website Design & Development

We use WordPress to design a beautiful, responsive and modern website, equipped with latest technology and standards.

Game Development
Game Development

We use Unity3D game engine to develop games, from simple 2D visual novel to full fledge 3D role playing game.


We arrange photoshoot session(s), have fun taking photos, then edit it inside Lightroom, Photoshop, macOS Photos app, DXO Photo Labs, and Nik's Collections, before delivering our best photos.

The White Parasol
Music Production

We use Logic Pro X to compose a song, and record it, before releasing to music distribution service like Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and even Amazon Mp3.


Recent Blog Posts

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Pangeran Wiguan

So I manage to poison my sister into start blogging. She love to write and have wrote a lot of academic journals. In fact, if you do a Google search of her name, the one which ranked on the first page of the Google search engine results page is not her own website, but all her published academic journals.

When I suggest to her to start blogging, I asked her to start with WordPress.com blog, to get familiarise with the interface. So she did, you can find her old blog at Bornean Historiography & Perspective. After a while, we got her own domain name, and I start to build her very own self-hosted WordPress powered blog at JuwitaKumala.com.

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W.G. Creative Media roadmaps have become more clear and focused. We are currently in the midst of revamping the website.
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