Finally, Ayame

Maybe I’m just not so smart, but now I get it. I finally able to convert Ayame from just a 2D sprite into the interesting Live2D character. Well, at least for me that is interesting things to do.

Let’s see all from the video below.

Small Update

I also manage to figure out how to make fungus trigger the animation for the Live2D. I’ll showcase that small update in next video. 🙂


I still try to find how to do backlog with Fungus…

2 thoughts to “A Day With Nana Log #6 – Ayame’s Smile

  • putragonist

    Aww, your character design is really cute…. >.<
    I like the art and I hope this will be a great visual novel!!

    I’m in making a visual novel too. But since I doing it alone and kinda overwhelming. And then I decided to I visit other VN development so I can have more spirit to do it… And here I am. Nice to know you 😀

    I hope you gonna finish it, and for now what I could say is good luck for you and your team 🙂

    • Wiguan

      Hi, nice to see you around.
      What VN are you developing now?
      Maybe we can give feedback to each other. 😀


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