We’re Still Here

After some long hiatus, finally we are back.

It’s an unplanned runaway. Those who chase us is nothing but the busy working schedule thus why I don’t have time to come back to this game development projects.

But I really want to finished at least one project this year for our game development section, thus why I choose A Day With Nana.

VLOG about our current game development status.

  1. Continue developing A Day With Nana.
  2. Canceling My Most Precious treasure.
  3. Canceling Code Name: Cyber Robot Girl.

2 thoughts to “Game Dev VLOG #19 – Updates On All My Game Projects

  • Andrei Müller

    I think that’s a wise decision, to focus on only one project, I think on the long run, this will make it better! 🙂 While also avoiding overworking yourself.

    • Wiguan

      Hey, yeah.
      One at a time, little by little. 🙂


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