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Photo Gallery Blog With Ratings

Okay, this is not a paid job, more like “corporate social responsibility“, which again, not really… but I make a website for these bunches of guys who called their group “Hasunoai愛 Universe”.

They upload the photo albums into multiple Google Drive accounts. They then use a Google Docs to list all the Google Drive folder links just now so that everybody can get instant update when one of the admin adds new link to that Google Docs.

That actually simply a blog, doesn’t it?

The feature that I was thinking in my mind to serve that purpose are;

  1. Blog to easily post update about albums preview and links.
  2. Pages for site wide announcement that is not suitable in the blog hierarchy.
  3. A post rating system so visitors can be greeted with highest rating, popular albums.

It’s pretty simple feature to have in 2020, I finished it in less than a day, and here’s what I’ve got so far.

Hasunoai愛 Universe Home Page Sceenshot
Hasunoai愛 Universe Home Page Sceenshot

Maybe that video background and that top sections is not necessary at all. Beside, that post ratings suppose to styled to be 3 columns, not 3 rows. But I was demotivated to continue, I plan to remove it later.

Here’s how the blog and single post page look like. Just simple, like this blog too.

Hasunoai愛 Universe Blog Sceenshot
Hasunoai愛 Universe Blog Sceenshot

As long as it serves the purpose, I say. 😄

Here’s how the single post page look like, there will be previews, and the download buttons right at the bottom, and then the visitors can leave rating if they want before leaving the page.

Hasunoai愛 Universe Single Post Page Sceenshot
Hasunoai愛 Universe Single Post Page Sceenshot

Here’s the link to that website anyway

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