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W.G. Creative Media Website Design 2020

Hey, guys… we got new website design. I like the new clean and not so cluttered design. Simple and practical isn’t it? This time I am not using anything fancy. My Divi subscriptions from Elegant Themes have expired, so I cannot re-design the website using their awesome themes. So, what I got here is using Elementor, another great page builder plugin, but to be honest, I still like Divi more. But Elementor even the free version already give a pleasant results, to me, at least.

Divi WordPress Theme

W.G. Creative Media Home Page Design

W.G. Creative Media home page design in 2020.
W.G. Creative Media home page design in 2020.

If you can see the top design actually just a video background, that is a video gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake which I cut into a storyline just for someone like me who like to watch it like watching movie. You can check the video below, or on Youtube by clicking the YouTube button below.

Good thing with Elementor, I actually put little effort to make the video background, and that section header and descriptions actually very search engine friendly. Look at the image below, Google actually update and change my website descriptions in less than a week!

W.G. Creative Media appearance in Google search page results.
How Google search page results look like when we search “wg creative media”.

Not bad huh?

Then I simply want my visitors to know what is my focus now, which the one shown after the first section of the website. Well, there’s one more there which is video production, but because I haven’t make any post about it, I did not put it there as that section linked to the blog categories.

The portfolio part is a blog post, like this one. I have a lot of projects that I did not documents well, and I kinda regretted that. But from now on, I think I will slowly add all of them into that side and I want that sections to be updated automatically every time I make a blog post tagged as “portfolio” .

Then of course after that is my recent blog post. Nothing special there, just showing recent 5 posts from the blog sections. In the future I plan to add “Services” section, but from now on I’ll let it be.

W.G. Creative Media Blog Design

W.G. Creative Media Blog design.
W.G. Creative Media Blog design.

This is a very simple but clean design. I pretty much like and satisfied with it. I just choose a single sidebar so that there won’t be too much distraction in the content I want to deliver. Those sidebar will be populated with useful widgets from time to time. For now, that’s what I think important.

We can put advertisement or some banner there, anything that we wish for. Not a bad things. It will helps the website to earn some income and maybe can pay for the server itself.

The Single Page/Post Design

W.G. Creative Media Single Page/Post Design
W.G. Creative Media Single Page/Post design.

While I can stylised the page design anyhow I want with Elementor, I keep the single blog post design simple and clean. Still retaining just a single sidebar, even though there is an option to change that into two sidebars, I did not opt-in for that because I want to keep the continuity of the design from the blog post.

Mobile Version?

The disadvantages about Elementor is that it’s not very friendly to Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), but the website design is responsive enough to make navigation on mobile experience as native as possible.

So what do you think?

WordPress website design and development scenes have been evolving so fast and so good.

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