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Creating a Wiki Website Is Not That Easy

I’m experimenting with Wikimedia, the engine that runs Wikipedia and Wikia.

But those runs Wikia have been modified and runs with many extensions.

This is what I have with Wikimedia.

WIKI for W.G. Creative Media Productions

WIKI for W.G. Creative Media Productions

After that, I was shocked by the editor. I’m so unfamiliar with it.

Unfamiliar Editor

Unfamiliar Editor

And I don’t even know how to put images there. :O

Thinking through, I’m going to create a games, not a Wiki website.

So, I’m thinking to drop out Wikimedia and find other ready to run solutions.

These are the next candidates.

  1. Wikia app (Modified Wikimedia scripts by Wikia) Nope. Too much works.
  2. WordPress Wiki Lite Plugin I found out it’s just a custom page taxonomy.
  3. WordPress itself. (Simply using pages.) 🙂

I guess I end up with using this website itself. Well, not really a problem either.

I don’t like to put myself on Wikia because of how they don’t offer the content creator any revenue from their advertisement.

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