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UI For RPG Mobile Game

I am pretty much influenced with JRPG games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokemon but those game are pretty much in bird eye point of view.

Since I am aiming for a 3D game, I want to control the character from third person perspective like in action RPG.

After testing some mechanics, I come out with this simple layout.


RPG Mobile Game UI

RPG Mobile Game UI

And because I don’t aim to make an action RPG games, I don’t need other button control than what shown in the diagram above.

The game I’m developing now doesn’t even include “battle mechanic” instead the users goals are to finish a rhythm game.

So another UI that  I needed is the dialogue and quest system.
Here’s how it look like.


Dialogue & Quest System UI

Dialogue & Quest System UI

And we must not forgot that this is a mobile game that runs on touch screen. So we don’t need to complicate the buttons. All can be set dynamically like the above diagram.

While choosing between the two options, the dialogue UI will be disabled.

This might not be the most innovative idea, but it works. 🙂

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