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A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

At first, this project only aims to get half an hour game play from two buddies play around in their small studio, trying to be productive by making impressive portfolio of past works projects.

A Day With Nana Beta Release Version 0.1

But then, I became so greedy and ambitious.

I am then put myself on the stretch goal.

Instead of making a simple story visual novel game, I want it to have at least 1 – 2 hours of game play. I also want to record original theme music for the characters and maybe extra one for each mood.

After that, I become more ambitious.

I want to give the character a voice!
But to give it full voice, will be impossible for me.
So the voices will be a simple expressive voice to make the conversation feels more alive.

Anyway, for those of you who is interested to test out this beta version, please download it from the link below.

A Day With Nana (Beta Version 0.1)

And after you’ve tried it, why don’t give me a feedback? 🙂

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