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How To Be A Successful “Indie” Guy?

1. Setting Up Specific Goals

how to become a successful indie guy - setting up specific goal

You set a specific goal for yourself so you won’t get lost or won’t do unnecessary things that will distract you from the success path.

You might seem busy, but doesn’t mean that you are walking up the ladders.

You might be just walking up and down in infinite loop.

You don’t move anywhere.

Thus, set yourself a specific goal and follow it! 😉

2. Branding

how to become success indie guy - branding

Branding is the crucial factor to determine your success.

Just look at Square Enix for example.

Something along the line of nice game such as Final Fantasy series comes out in your mind. Even though they haven’t say anything about their new project, you already imagine and expect that their next project will be as good as before.

3. Networking

Network with people.

No network is a bad connections.

Make connections with other indie guy. Connect with their project and see how opportunities open up in front of your eyes. This is also a good time to find your team among the people who share the same interest.

4. Team Building

Build a team.

D.I.Y or do it yourself is a skill that won’t bring you anywhere in this case.

The White Parasol

Inspire people to help you out and be part of the team.

Yes, you can do it yourself, but get back to the point number 1, what is your specific goal? Your goal is not to accomplished these D.I.Y. stuff.

Bear in mind, a team is NOT SOMEONE WHO WORK FOR YOU FOR FREE. Then, point number 5, will ensure that you will be able to afford to hire a team.

5. Think Yourself as a small BUSINESS

Have multiple income stream.

  • Sales.
  • Advertising.
  • Merchandising
  • Course and mentoring.
  • Work for other people projects.
  • Think outside of the box.
  • Don’t limit yourself in only one or two conventional of revenue streams.


BUT, be really good at a few things instead of just “okay” in a lot of other things. For example in a game development, try to be a really good 3D artist instead of an “okay” in both 3D artist and 2D artist. This, will bring you more for hire work that can bring money to your “business”.

6. Social Media

You are no one among the millions of people on earth. However, now we have social media where you can connect to billions of other people where you can present your stuffs, convert them into a super fans and there, serve them with good products and merchandise.

Facebook is a must at least.

The goal is to find people online and get them go deeper with you about your stuff.


7. Official Website

This is your BASE. Your HQ!

Get yourself your own domain name where people can search for you online either at Google search or Bing.

You don’t have control over the social media. While your own website is your own property where you have complete control over what message you want to funnel to the visitors.

And this is also where you can capture leads and gather a fan base which then will be able to support you.

Get them into your email list so you can communicate with the fan base about your projects and other important stuffs. While we’re at it, feel free to join my list from the form below. The list below is general communications for announcing my new blog posts and non-specific email news letter.

[wysija_form id=”3″]

Setting up a blog to your official website is also a good idea.

8. Attend Conventions

This is part of branding and networking at the same time, aimed towards gathering your fan base from among the users base.

Mingled with the crowds, talk with people, sign an autograph if they asked or take selfie together.


Make yourself pleasant and adorable so when you pitch your project, it sound more interesting than ever.

Here is where you really have a chance to connect with the people who will support your from the very bottom of the ecosystem. This is where you can let them become your unofficial marketing team. When they talk about you, that is.

9. Funding

Whether your goal is to become a full-time “indie” guy or just a hobbyist, you need funding. This apply to everyone! You need a capital.

If you gonna be a successful indie guy, you have to think how to fund your projects.

You can try to get funding from these kind of platform.

  • Kickstarter – Good for a project with specific timeline.
  • Patreon – Good for serialized project that keep on going.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.49.26 AM

Here, where your audience is important so you can direct them to support your funding campaign.

10. Create a PLAN

Make a plan for yourself.

1. First rough idea for Musiristica

Ask yourself, what is success look like for you?

Where you are now, and which steps that will help you to take you to the specific goal you already set and see which things that devour your time uselessly and doesn’t help you to reach that specific goal.

What you gonna focus your time on?

What you gonna achieve next year?

Set a plan so you can build up momentum to become a successful “indie” guy.

What Did I Miss?

So what did I miss?

Do you have another idea that can help us to become a successful indie guy?

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