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A Day With Nana now VR-friendly!

There’s video in this post, so if you can’t see it in your email you might as well just come to my blog and watch it there.

3D Background

So I decide to pursue the “3D” route.

3D background with 2D anime style character just like real visual novel will look like.

Look at the video and tell me what do you think?

360° Rotatable Background?

Yes, I also make it rotatable.

I guess I should not be too lazy and at least do a decent level design.

That is to make it viewable in 360°.

Thus, this make A Day With Nana a VR-friendly game. We can use Google cardboard to play this!

I hope.

Again, what do you think of this feature?

Why do you think it’s good or bad?

Looking forward for your feedback! 😀

2 thoughts on “A Day With Nana now VR-friendly!”

  1. Wow, the rotatable background is a nice feature! I think it adds a lot to the game’s immersion! 😀

    One question: are you using Live2D for the character? Is it easy to use it inside Unity?

    1. Glad that you like it! XD
      Yes, I’m using Live2D.
      So far I think it’s easy to use, it serve my purpose.
      But to trigger animation and such, I don’t use their way. So I’m not sure whether it will be hard or not.

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