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A Day With Nana Smooth Camera Function

Just a small progress update this time.

I spend most of the time optimizing and doing the level design. In visual novel term, I’m making the background. 😛

But since this is 3D game now, we call it level design then.

Please take a look at the video.

Changes logs:

  • Renovate Kano’s room – this is still a work in progress though.
  • Clean up camera functions.
  • In-game advertising (look at the television).
    It now looping with materials from other independent developer as well.
    However the appearance are random.
    If you want to feature your game inside this game, send me a short video trailer and I’ll feature them inside the TV as well as billboards across “A Day With Nana”.
  • Change the dialog bar.

Until next time.

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