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Founder and producer of W.G. Creative Media.

JuwitaKumala.com Home Page

JuwitaKumala.com – A History, Literature, and Her Thoughts, a Blog by My Sister

So I manage to poison my sister into start blogging. She love to write and have wrote a lot of academic journals. In fact, if you do a Google search of her name, the one which ranked on the first page of the Google search engine results page is not her own website, but all her published academic journals.

When I suggest to her to start blogging, I asked her to start with WordPress.com blog, to get familiarise with the interface. So she did, you can find her old blog at Bornean Historiography & Perspective. After a while, we got her own domain name, and I start to build her very own self-hosted WordPress powered blog at JuwitaKumala.com.

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W.G. Creative Media Home Page Screenshot

W.G. Creative Media Website Design 2020

Hey, guys… we got new website design. I like the new clean and not so cluttered design. Simple and practical isn’t it? This time I am not using anything fancy. My Divi subscriptions from Elegant Themes have expired, so I cannot re-design the website using their awesome themes. So, what I got here is using Elementor, another great page builder plugin, but to be honest, I still like Divi more. But Elementor even the free version already give a pleasant results, to me, at least.

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Photo Gallery Blog With Ratings

Okay, this is not a paid job, more like “corporate social responsibility“, which again, not really… but I make a website for these bunches of guys who called their group “Hasunoai愛 Universe”.

They upload the photo albums into multiple Google Drive accounts. They then use a Google Docs to list all the Google Drive folder links just now so that everybody can get instant update when one of the admin adds new link to that Google Docs.

That actually simply a blog, doesn’t it?

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Still Revamping This Site

Hi, dear comrades. If you notice, I’ve deleted many pages, and downloads of some demo games are not available anymore. I also change the design of this website to default theme. This is because I plan to re-evaluate all that matters and what is important.   I’ll announce what W.G.’s core business soon, but mostly we will still serve the creative industry and this time, fly higher than what we… Read More »Still Revamping This Site

Game Dev VLOG #19 - Updates On All My Game Projects

Game Dev VLOG #19 – Updates On All My Game Projects

 We’re Still Here After some long hiatus, finally we are back. It’s an unplanned runaway. Those who chase us is nothing but the busy working schedule thus why I don’t have time to come back to this game development projects. But I really want to finished at least one project this year for our game development section, thus why I choose A Day With Nana. VLOG about our current game… Read More »Game Dev VLOG #19 – Updates On All My Game Projects

A Day With Nana Download Restored

Download Restored For A Day With Nana

Hello, comrades. I’ve received report that the download link for A Day With Nana beta version 0.1 have been spewing out error. Good news, it have been fixed! If you still haven’t got the link to download it, you can try to download it via the link that I’ve sent in the email. 🙂

A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

A Day With Nana was rather an ambitious project. Only if I have enough funding to fulfill all the ambitious feature. But I’ve decided, instead of dropping it all together, I’ll just reduced the project into smaller and easier to accomplished project. Rewrite the Manuscript of A Day With Nana From the feedback I’ve got from the demo version 0.0.1, I’ve decided to rewrite the manuscript into something all English… Read More »A Day With Nana Progress April 2017