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A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

A Day With Nana was rather an ambitious project. Only if I have enough funding to fulfill all the ambitious feature. But I’ve decided, instead of dropping it all together, I’ll just reduced the project into smaller and easier to accomplished project.

Rewrite the Manuscript of A Day With Nana

A Day with Nana Manuscript

A Day with Nana Manuscript

From the feedback I’ve got from the demo version 0.0.1, I’ve decided to rewrite the manuscript into something all English and I removed all the weaboo references. It’s not that I don’t understand the target audience but then, I think that’s just proper thing to do. We might get some new comer who don’t understand the terminology to enjoy reading too.

However, I kind of feel that this time, the script is not so immerse.

But struggling to complete the project as main priority, I just go ahead and stop being perfectionist.

I admit I’m not a great writer to begin with. So, please forgive me for that.

Stripping of Feature

Converting from manuscript to Renpy Python script

Converting from manuscript to Renpy Python script

A Day With Nana will no longer use Live2D. I am also will no longer trying to make it 360 degree view-able in VR headset or whatsoever that feature. I’ve no time, and resources to do so.

But let’s just try to make things happening.

I still hope I will complete this project and proudly show it off ass one of my work in the future.

So, as of for now, I’ll be using Renpy to make this visual novel.

It will be just a simple almost kinetic visual novel with not much ending.

I’ve Made a Game Development YouTube Channel

I’ll stop uploading game development video to my personal channel at Pangeran Wiguan’s YouTube Channel due to reason that I want to dedicated that channel only for music related stuffs. So I make a new channel called Game Dev Endeavor.

Please subscribe to this new YouTube channel. smile

The new channel will be closely about game development, and finding bugs in other game developer’s games. You know, try to help each other and give some critics and feedback like how the many “let’s play” video on YouTube, just that it will be focus more on indie games.

So, until next time guys.

I hope you guys still here.

Running on Shared Server

Running on Shared Server

Dear comrades,

This website now are running on shared server environment due to the financial crisis that we face recently that forces us to scale down to keep continuing what we already did.

Because this is on new limited shared hosting environment, we might delete some large files that may take precious storage spaces in our server.

But, if you found any broken links, please don’t refrain from telling us and we try our based to fix it and give the best alternative download links if the broken link happen to be many of the download link to the files we used to host on our unlimited budget private server beforehand.

All hope is not lost, please pray for our coming back with more power on hands.


Best regards,


Building Computer for Game Development

Building Computer for Game Development

[Transcribe] Game Dev Diary – Jan 14 2017 – Building a Computer for Game Development Purpose

This is a transcription of a video which talk about building a computer for game development purpose.

If you cannot view the video in this post, please watch the video from this url:


Alright guys, my name is Wiguan and this is the first episode in this new channel that I call it game dev diary and in this episode I going to feature off on how I going to build my rig.

I will show why I will build a new system instead of using my existing iMac, and why I choose Nvidia graphic card and why DirectX and I will share my system specification as well as problems and challenges.


ScanDisk vs ADATA Speed Test (Class 4 vs Class 10)

ScanDisk vs ADATA Speed Test (Class 4 vs Class 10)

The Curious Me

I was just doing some routine cleaning with my camera and then come to my mind to do some speed test for the memory card that I use. So the title, ScanDisk vs ADATA is pretty much self-explanatory.

I am still using Nikon D90 and I think the camera still useable for another 5 years, given that I’m using it like a film camera.

All these while, I’m using an SDHC card by ScanDisk. ScanDisk here is the brand. This is a class 4 memory card. This memory card only have the capacity of 8 Gigabytes.

Then now, I got this ADATA brand microSD card that comes with the capacity of 32 Gigabytes. It’s a class 10 memory card. I only realize this when I’m writing this blog post. But let’s continue as I try to make my point.

ScanDisk vs ADATA

ScanDisk and ADATA Memory Card