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Pangeran Wiguan

Founder and producer of W.G. Creative Media.

We’re Back Online Now On SSD Web Hosting

After 3 weeks of down time, oh my god what a nightmare! It was because our old web hosting provider was being purchased by new company and everything become sluggish and slow after that. I cannot even manage to download my website backup. Now I finally on new web hosting company that even run on an SSD, hope everything will run fast and smooth after this. πŸ™‚

Roadmap 2016

With just a blink of eyes, it’s now almost the end of 2015. With that, it means that it is almost two year now since I’m using the name of W.G. Creative Media Productions. But within the year of 2015, I can only finish two project which are the vocaloid songs compilation albums. You can check them out below. Permulaan Baru Story of Us Projects in 2016 Japanese Vocaloid Songs… Read More »Roadmap 2016

Permulaan Baru Cover Art

[Album] Permulaan Baru by Various Artist

Permulaan Baru is the first ever Vocaloid album released commercially in Bahasa Malaysia. πŸ™‚ It consists of compilations of 9 songs by local Malaysian Vocaloid producers. One of the producers is me, under the name of Wiguan. πŸ™‚ I’m excited to showcase this here but please go on to the official website of this project to read more about how this awesome project started in the beginning. This link will… Read More »[Album] Permulaan Baru by Various Artist

UI For RPG Mobile Game

I am pretty much influenced with JRPG games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokemon but those game are pretty much in bird eye point of view. Since I am aiming for a 3D game, I want to control the character from third person perspective like in action RPG. After testing some mechanics, I come out with this simple layout.   And because I don’t aim to make an action… Read More »UI For RPG Mobile Game

My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition

My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition v0.2

Goals : Be able to load the game. Be able to load “Rumah Miku”. Be able to move. Be able to do camera zoom. Be able to tilt and rotate camera angle. Be able to load “Permulaan Baru (Easy)”. Be able to finished “Permulaan Baru (Easy)” What’s your score? Notes : There’s no way to go out from each of the scene, “Rumah Miku” and “Permulaan Baru (Easy)” after it… Read More »My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition v0.2

Make CN Controls Works With plyGame

Game Dev Diary #17 – Working Mobile Input Control

You don’t have any idea how hard it is for me for the first time to make the mobile input control works with the plyGame framework. But I don’t know why, this one very morning I decide to sit down and read again and again the code. Then read some suggestion by Leslie, the creator of plyGame framework. And change some little code. And it works! Ironically, I just change… Read More »Game Dev Diary #17 – Working Mobile Input Control

My Precious Project Progress

My Precious Project Progress

My Most Precious Treasure, or My Precious for short is a visual novel + rhythm games. So far I’ve gathered a team to help me realise this project. We have progress quite far in the “theory” side but not really much on the real product accomplishment. Game Design Document are ready at 70% completeness. This document will serve as our project proposal if we ever asking some financial aid soon.… Read More »My Precious Project Progress

Absolute Point Garden (WIP)

GameDev #14 – We’re Slow But Still Moving

It’s been a challenging week for me.

Fighting alone with emotional challenges and many other things that we callΒ life.

But I’m still struggling, I’ll not be a quitter.

Even though this look meaningless but level design is not as easy as I thought. In my opinion it is easy to program a game mechanic than designing a level. At least for me since I’m not a designer in the first place.

Absolute Point Garden (WIP)

Absolute Point Garden (WIP)

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1. First rough idea for Musiristica

Musiristica GameDev Diary #1 – Combining The Pieces Together

Hello, guys.

I made some progress.

I got the name. Musiristica.

I derive this word from music, musica, rising and the names of some beautiful woman on Earth. πŸ˜›

1. First rough idea for Musiristica

1. First rough idea for Musiristica

At first, I just want to make a game about idol daily live simulation. But then, I think it will be boring if there’s only one selling point that’s where the decision to add some actions shooting and killing coming from.

Basically, we fight with the music. πŸ™‚

But there’s more to it. the idol daily live simulation will also running while on the border of the city are battle field where without the support from this idol, the war will never won.

Interesting? Read on! XD

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