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The debug log print the value correctly.

Using SQLite Database In Unity3D 4.3.3f

What I want is to create an inventory system for my game. I read through all the options from the world wide web and there’s many options that I can choose. Some of them are using XML, JSON and then SQLite database which then attract my attention and interest. I’ve experience working with MySQL when I was developing plugin and theme for WordPress. I know how JSON works, and never… Read More »Using SQLite Database In Unity3D 4.3.3f

Trigger, Interaction Button, Show Subtitle, And Play Speech

So far I manage to code a simple script to do a primitive actions. Here is a video for the demonstration of how the script work. First the script detects if the player character standing nearby the NPCs and then trigger a guide button which I put statically; Press E to talk. The green boxy guidelines are the box collider in Unity that used as a trigger detector. After the… Read More »Trigger, Interaction Button, Show Subtitle, And Play Speech

Unity3D Third Person Controller

Better Work On The Prototyping

I am wasting my time. While programming my own player movement scripts, Unity team have come out with nice and good example of a third person view example assets.   Feature that needs to be in the game. Self note : Will add more features later, don’t worry much about it. Completing the game is more important. 1.0 PLAYER Player Movements Walk Run Jump Interactions  Talk Subtitle Choose Dialog Enter… Read More »Better Work On The Prototyping

Player Control Mechanism Using Mecanim in Unity 4.3.3f

Like I said in my previous post. I’m not a programmer. I spent 2 days to research, learn and do trial and error while making just this SIMPLE mechanism. There’s many ready solution in Unity Assets Store but I find them doesn’t satisfy my needs and beside most of the time is because I cannot understand the code. Another problem to consider is also the pricing. I want to make… Read More »Player Control Mechanism Using Mecanim in Unity 4.3.3f

Hello World

function helloWorld { echo “Hello World”; } helloWorld; No. I’m not a programmer. I’m not a writer. I’m not an artist. I’m not a musician (anymore). I’m definitely NOT YET a game developer by the time I post this article. But I’m going to move towards that goal.