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Running on Shared Server

Running on Shared Server

Dear comrades, This website now are running on shared server environment due to the financial crisis that we face recently that forces us to scale down to keep continuing what we already did. Because this is on new limited shared hosting environment, we might delete...

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Character AI Patrol [Game Dev VLog #4]

Video: I manage to make them patrol a waypoint route. But I'm not very satisfied with the results. It is because when using Mecanim system, the character is TOO DYNAMIC that sometimes they get really wild and wander off....

Generating NavMesh Using RAIN AI

Not sure if this even a good practice or possible. I'm trying to generate NavMesh (RAIN version not Unity feature) on a terrain as big as 2000x2000 resolutions. Update: I leave my computer on for over night and the NavMesh have not finish generated yet. So I guess...

Player Interaction Flow Chart

I plan to reuse all my scripts for the next project. That entitle it being a framework doesn't it? So I must plan them to be dynamically functional. Maybe I can even release them at asset store to drive my game financially. That's a sweet dream, but hopefully it can...

Using SQLite Database In Unity3D 4.3.3f

What I want is to create an inventory system for my game. I read through all the options from the world wide web and there's many options that I can choose. Some of them are using XML, JSON and then SQLite database which then attract my attention and interest. I've...

About Page Filled Up

67 hits on the About page and it's empty, but not anymore. I've filled up some details about this blog and my self

Better Work On The Prototyping

I am wasting my time. While programming my own player movement scripts, Unity team have come out with nice and good example of a third person view example assets.   Feature that needs to be in the game. Self note : Will add more features later, don’t worry much about...

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