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Game Dev VLOG #19 - Updates On All My Game Projects

Game Dev VLOG #19 – Updates On All My Game Projects

 We’re Still Here After some long hiatus, finally we are back. It’s an unplanned runaway. Those who chase us is nothing but the busy working schedule thus why I don’t have time to come back to this game development projects. But I really want to finished at least one project this year for our game development section, thus why I choose A Day With Nana. VLOG about our current game… Read More »Game Dev VLOG #19 – Updates On All My Game Projects

A Day With Nana Download Restored

Download Restored For A Day With Nana

Hello, comrades. I’ve received report that the download link for A Day With Nana beta version 0.1 have been spewing out error. Good news, it have been fixed! If you still haven’t got the link to download it, you can try to download it via the link that I’ve sent in the email. 🙂

A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

A Day With Nana was rather an ambitious project. Only if I have enough funding to fulfill all the ambitious feature. But I’ve decided, instead of dropping it all together, I’ll just reduced the project into smaller and easier to accomplished project. Rewrite the Manuscript of A Day With Nana From the feedback I’ve got from the demo version 0.0.1, I’ve decided to rewrite the manuscript into something all English… Read More »A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

GameDev Diary - Building a Computer for Game Development

Building Computer for Game Development

[Transcribe] Game Dev Diary – Jan 14 2017 – Building a Computer for Game Development Purpose

This is a transcription of a video which talk about building a computer for game development purpose.

If you cannot view the video in this post, please watch the video from this url: https://youtu.be/ZqqIOjs7NSQ


Alright guys, my name is Wiguan and this is the first episode in this new channel that I call it game dev diary and in this episode I going to feature off on how I going to build my rig.

I will show why I will build a new system instead of using my existing iMac, and why I choose Nvidia graphic card and why DirectX and I will share my system specification as well as problems and challenges.

Read More »Building Computer for Game Development

Code Name : Cyber Robot Girl In Planning!

If you’re my friend and my circle, most probably you already know that now I’m on my way to finish “A Day With Nana“. It’s just a simple visual novel game that I’m making with Tyrano Builder, a free assets provided by my friends, my own self fantasy storyline as well as my original music composition. Guess what? I’ll be putting on simple voice over by a real Japanese voice… Read More »Code Name : Cyber Robot Girl In Planning!

A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

At first, this project only aims to get half an hour game play from two buddies play around in their small studio, trying to be productive by making impressive portfolio of past works projects. But then, I became so greedy and ambitious. I am then put myself on the stretch goal. Instead of making a simple story visual novel game, I want it to have at least 1 – 2… Read More »A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

UI For RPG Mobile Game

I am pretty much influenced with JRPG games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokemon but those game are pretty much in bird eye point of view. Since I am aiming for a 3D game, I want to control the character from third person perspective like in action RPG. After testing some mechanics, I come out with this simple layout.   And because I don’t aim to make an action… Read More »UI For RPG Mobile Game