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Flat UI Colours

Game Dev #7 – I’m Going For FLAT DESIGN

I’m a bad graphic creator. :mrgreen:

But that doesn’t make me a bad graphic designer. 😛

Well, my mind is creative (self-praise! 🙄 ) it’s just that I don’t have enough skills and disciplines in graphic media production to make a great graphic and visual elements that projected by my mind. It’s like you are a great architect but you’re not a good contractor to build the house. And since you don’t have enough money to hire a contractor, you decide to choose easier architecture so you can do it yourself. ^^’

Since I don’t have many resources for this demo games, I guess I have to find a solution. And then an idea strike into me suggest me to use a FLAT DESIGN style. 💡

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The Visual Novel + Rhythm Game Progress

I’ve decided a name for this game. My Most Precious Treasure I know, it may not be the most original title ever. But at least I found inspiration and idea of where the story will progress and hey, I already planned a sequel! XD This game is also made using plyGame. A nice surprise is, that it handle the “touch” already. Here’s how some insights of the development. DiaQ Graph… Read More »The Visual Novel + Rhythm Game Progress

Rhythm Game On Desktop? Not Wise!

I was happily creating a new project for the said rhythm game that I wrote on earlier post. 😀 . . . then I realized, how the heck will the player tap on the screen? Using WASD and arrow key? 😯 Not very fun and wise. This is where I decide (and realized) it’s time for mobile games! XD Some Problems Though The splash screen doesn’t come out right for now.

Ancestral Curse – Camera Movements, Player Movements and Basic Dialogues & Quests System

After several days, I manage to learn more about using plyGame framework. So far so good. Money well spent. Aside of that, I praise Leslie, the developer of plyGame for his hard work and dedication not just towards the software but also the customer service. Nothing I really can complain about. 😀


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Shortcut With plyGame

Before, I was thinking to build my own framework for the game. But as you can see, the progress are really slow. So I decide to use third party framework so I can move on making the game instead of making a game framework. After looking through between ORK Framework and plyGame, I finally decide to pick plyGame. Actually, I was about to email PL Young for a sponsorship of his software since… Read More »Shortcut With plyGame