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Still Revamping This Site

Hi, dear comrades. If you notice, I’ve deleted many pages, and downloads of some demo games are not available anymore. I also change the design of this website to default theme. This is because I plan to re-evaluate all that matters and what is important.   I’ll announce what W.G.’s core business soon, but mostly we will still serve the creative industry and this time, fly higher than what we… Read More »Still Revamping This Site

Bomber Airplane?

Running on Shared Server

Dear comrades, This website now are running on shared server environment due to the financial crisis that we face recently that forces us to scale down to keep continuing what we already did. Because this is on new limited shared hosting environment, we might delete some large files that may take precious storage spaces in our server. But, if you found any broken links, please don’t refrain from telling us… Read More »Running on Shared Server

How To Be A Successful “Indie” Guy?

1. Setting Up Specific Goals

how to become a successful indie guy - setting up specific goal

You set a specific goal for yourself so you won’t get lost or won’t do unnecessary things that will distract you from the success path.

You might seem busy, but doesn’t mean that you are walking up the ladders.

You might be just walking up and down in infinite loop.

You don’t move anywhere.

Thus, set yourself a specific goal and follow it! 😉

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Abyssian Knight – Indie Anime In Production Now

https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2417563/video-691915-h264_high.mp4 So we have this some ambitious guy from Canada that want to make their own anime with the lowest budget that they could, because they spend a lot on their own before pledging for crowd funding. My First Impression To be honest, it’s quite lacking. The trailer just show some mocap rendering of one of the character which I believe her name is Aria, and that’s it. We don’t… Read More »Abyssian Knight – Indie Anime In Production Now

We’re Back Online Now On SSD Web Hosting

After 3 weeks of down time, oh my god what a nightmare! It was because our old web hosting provider was being purchased by new company and everything become sluggish and slow after that. I cannot even manage to download my website backup. Now I finally on new web hosting company that even run on an SSD, hope everything will run fast and smooth after this. 🙂

Roadmap 2016

With just a blink of eyes, it’s now almost the end of 2015. With that, it means that it is almost two year now since I’m using the name of W.G. Creative Media Productions. But within the year of 2015, I can only finish two project which are the vocaloid songs compilation albums. You can check them out below. Permulaan Baru Story of Us Projects in 2016 Japanese Vocaloid Songs… Read More »Roadmap 2016

Old W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions

I Moved Here From WordPress.com

I finally get a domain name for W.G. Creative MEDIA Productions (formerly known as W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions) then moved the blog from WordPress.com to WordPress self hosted. 😀 I’ve imported all the contents, comments and even the subscribers. 😀 But I’m not sure if everything works well on the new site. It’s been such a comfortable and pampering while using WordPress.com but I guess I better go out from my… Read More »I Moved Here From WordPress.com