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I Moved Here From

I Moved Here From

I finally get a domain name for W.G. Creative MEDIA Productions (formerly known as W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions) then moved the blog from to WordPress self hosted. bigsmile

Old W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions

Old W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions

I’ve imported all the contents, comments and even the subscribers. bigsmile

But I’m not sure if everything works well on the new site. It’s been such a comfortable and pampering while using but I guess I better go out from my comfort zone and venturing even more into the world-wide web.

If you found any bugs, please do tell. smile

Changed Site Name & Tagline

I changed the site name (will be my company name) from;

WG Creative Solutions


W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions

Because there is another brand name that is using WG Creative Solutions.

[Single] I’m Waiting For You by Sun of The Dawn

[Single] I’m Waiting For You by Sun of The Dawn

Wow, my first post about music production! cool

I hope people can accept this. blush


The above song might not be the most beautiful song you ever heard. blush

. . . and might not be the best mixed or the best mastered either. neutral

But it’s my first release to the public, and this song somehow have it curse and what I’m feeling now by the time I write this post. I’m really waiting for someone. Waiting for someone to come back. :'(

I look up at the blue sky, put my hopes on the wind.

I don’t know when I’ll be blessed for them to come true.

That’s what my prayer now. sad

This condition also what makes me feel afraid. Afraid to compose another cursed song. uneasy

However, I slowly recovered from the sorrow and today I manage to face, to hear this song again. Though I’m not really feel fine yet, I think I can take it now. At least for today. neutral