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Changed Site Name & Tagline

I changed the site name (will be my company name) from; WG Creative Solutions to W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions Because there is another brand name that is using WG Creative Solutions.

[Single] I’m Waiting For You by Sun of The Dawn

Wow, my first post about music production! 😎 I hope people can accept this. ^^’ [REBLOG FROM PANGERAN WIGUAN’s PORTFOLIO] The above song might not be the most beautiful song you ever heard. ^^’ . . . and might not be the best mixed or the best mastered either. 😐 But it’s my first release to the public, and this song somehow have it curse and what I’m feeling now… Read More »[Single] I’m Waiting For You by Sun of The Dawn

Hello World

function helloWorld { echo “Hello World”; } helloWorld; No. I’m not a programmer. I’m not a writer. I’m not an artist. I’m not a musician (anymore). I’m definitely NOT YET a game developer by the time I post this article. But I’m going to move towards that goal.