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ScanDisk and ADATA Memory Card

ScanDisk vs ADATA Speed Test (Class 4 vs Class 10)

The Curious Me

I was just doing some routine cleaning with my camera and then come to my mind to do some speed test for the memory card that I use. So the title, ScanDisk vs ADATA is pretty much self-explanatory.

I am still using Nikon D90 and I think the camera still useable for another 5 years, given that I’m using it like a film camera.

All these while, I’m using an SDHC card by ScanDisk. ScanDisk here is the brand. This is a class 4 memory card. This memory card only have the capacity of 8 Gigabytes.

Then now, I got this ADATA brand microSD card that comes with the capacity of 32 Gigabytes. It’s a class 10 memory card. I only realize this when I’m writing this blog post. But let’s continue as I try to make my point.

ScanDisk vs ADATA

ScanDisk and ADATA Memory Card

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