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The Visual Novel + Rhythm Game Progress

I’ve decided a name for this game.

My Most Precious Treasure

I know, it may not be the most original title ever. But at least I found inspiration and idea of where the story will progress and hey, I already planned a sequel! lol

This game is also made using plyGame. A nice surprise is, that it handle the “touch” already.

Here’s how some insights of the development.

DiaQ Graph

DiaQ Graph

DiaQ Graph is the engine behind the dialogue system. It also capable to be used as a quest system for other kind of games.

Game Play In Unity3D

Game Play In Unity3D

So, what do you think?

Changed Site Name & Tagline

I changed the site name (will be my company name) from;

WG Creative Solutions


W.G. Creative MEDIA Solutions

Because there is another brand name that is using WG Creative Solutions.

Hey Jude (Cover) by Hatsune Miku

I was gladly make Vocaloid 3 to work on OSX (by default is Windows only) using WineSkin. So far this “not emulator” software manages to run almost all Windows applications that I wanted to use.


Vocaloid 3 on MAC OSX

Vocaloid 3 on MAC OSX

Running Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

Running Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

Synthesizing The Vocal Track In Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

Synthesizing The Vocal Track In Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

So I try I put some test on the Vocaloid 3 editor and this is what I manage to output.

Work Flow

One of the long reason I am using a MacBook Pro from 2011 is because of Logic Pro, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that only available for OSX platform.

Another reason is because the reliability core audio gave when recording an analog signal compare when on Windows we need to use something [I forgot the name OMG!].

Vocaloid 3 editor is only useful for inserting the lyric for the software to synthesis the vocal tracks and then to tweak the settings for the vocal. It won’t work as a full fledge DAW, even though it can, it will waste most of your time doing something so easy in a full fledge DAW like Logic Pro or Cubase.

  1. Work on the musical instrumental in Logic Pro.
  2. Export the instrumentals as .wav file to be imported into Vocaloid 3 editor.
  3. Export the Midi file of the vocal track to be imported into Vocaloid 3 editor.
  4. Export the vocal track only from Vocaloid 3 editor to be imported back into Logic Pro X.
  5. Mixing and Mastering, bounce as .wav files and .mp3 files at their highest settings.
  6. Steal some image from internet and make it a video and the upload to YouTube. (LoL) lol