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How To Be A Successful “Indie” Guy?

How To Be A Successful “Indie” Guy?

1. Setting Up Specific Goals

how to become a successful indie guy - setting up specific goal

You set a specific goal for yourself so you won’t get lost or won’t do unnecessary things that will distract you from the success path.

You might seem busy, but doesn’t mean that you are walking up the ladders.

You might be just walking up and down in infinite loop.

You don’t move anywhere.

Thus, set yourself a specific goal and follow it! wink


Code Name : Cyber Robot Girl In Planning!

Code Name : Cyber Robot Girl In Planning!

If you’re my friend and my circle, most probably you already know that now I’m on my way to finish “A Day With Nana“.

It’s just a simple visual novel game that I’m making with Tyrano Builder, a free assets provided by my friends, my own self fantasy storyline as well as my original music composition.

Guess what?

I’ll be putting on simple voice over by a real Japanese voice actress too!

Sound ambitious huh?

Maybe no.

It actually quite a simple project if you actually give it a try.

No programming, just provide your art materials and storyline and you’re done. Though in this case the only art material that I provide is just my pieces of music.

Do You Like Robot Girl?

Well, rejoice if you do because after a day with Nana, I will make a game somewhere about acquiring, hunting and assembling your own robot girl. Cyborg girl to be precise because she is half humans. Artificial human. Lel.

I’ve some candidates assets that I’ve been keeping my eyes on. Just look at this and tell me what you think when you look at her?

Yeah right… You just have to make her yours! Haha

And here’s some video that I capture using my phone.

What do you think?

Exciting huh? bigsmile

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A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

At first, this project only aims to get half an hour game play from two buddies play around in their small studio, trying to be productive by making impressive portfolio of past works projects.

A Day With Nana Beta Release Version 0.1

But then, I became so greedy and ambitious.

I am then put myself on the stretch goal.

Instead of making a simple story visual novel game, I want it to have at least 1 – 2 hours of game play. I also want to record original theme music for the characters and maybe extra one for each mood.

After that, I become more ambitious.

I want to give the character a voice!
But to give it full voice, will be impossible for me.
So the voices will be a simple expressive voice to make the conversation feels more alive.

Anyway, for those of you who is interested to test out this beta version, please download it from the link below.

A Day With Nana (Beta Version 0.1)

And after you’ve tried it, why don’t give me a feedback? smile

Abyssian Knight – Indie Anime In Production Now

Abyssian Knight – Indie Anime In Production Now

So we have this some ambitious guy from Canada that want to make their own anime with the lowest budget that they could, because they spend a lot on their own before pledging for crowd funding.

My First Impression

To be honest, it’s quite lacking. The trailer just show some mocap rendering of one of the character which I believe her name is Aria, and that’s it.

We don’t know what’s the real story yet.

Genre? Ratings? Sneak Peak of some important events?

Where’s the storyboard?

Will there be fans service? Who’s this for?

Moe bloopers? Or serious story immersion?

But then…

But then I kinda see that these guys are serious with what are they doing. They are using a game engine called Unreal Engine 4 to program the scene and then render the animation.

This is somewhat similar to what I’ve been thinking with Unity 3D.

But instead they use Unreal Engine 4. I’ve nothing against that but it’s just that I prefer Unity 3D more.

Initial Characterisation


I somewhat see some reference from some anime that I already watch before. It’s not a bad thing because so far I kinda like what I’m looking at.





Let’s hope for an update to the project description page before we talk more about it.

At the moment, you can check out the project at Kickstarter from the link below.

Abyssian Knight at KickStarter

We’re Back Online Now On SSD Web Hosting

We’re Back Online Now On SSD Web Hosting

After 3 weeks of down time, oh my god what a nightmare!

It was because our old web hosting provider was being purchased by new company and everything become sluggish and slow after that.

I cannot even manage to download my website backup.

Now I finally on new web hosting company that even run on an SSD, hope everything will run fast and smooth after this. smile

Roadmap 2016

Roadmap 2016

With just a blink of eyes, it’s now almost the end of 2015. With that, it means that it is almost two year now since I’m using the name of W.G. Creative Media Productions. But within the year of 2015, I can only finish two project which are the vocaloid songs compilation albums.

You can check them out below.

  1. Permulaan Baru
  2. Story of Us

Projects in 2016

  1. Japanese Vocaloid Songs Compilations Album – This is the continuity of the Vocaloid songs compilation album project. I wish to keep this tradition on and on.
  2. Wiguan’s Photography Portfolio : Cosplay Division – Since I’m joining a lot of local cosplay activities and shamelessly admire the photos that I took, I said why not make a photobook of it and share it with the same like minded people? The main goal here is to share.
  3. Wiguan’s Photography Portfolio : Concept Art Portraiture – I love looking at beautiful faces, and imagine they are from another world. I need a healing time, so I does this. smile
  4. Cosplay Photography Made Easy – This, surprisingly a big project because I never did it and I never publish a book before. Yes, this is a guide book and I plan for it to be available at brick and mortar bookstore as well as digital online distribution service such as Kindle and iBooks.
  5. Wiguan’s First Album – Still not sure how to go from here. But this will be my non-vocaloid music project. I like and love rock song that I want this album to be one, but my composition so far aren’t that “rock”. I’m quite in dilemma… uneasy


The Challenges

Of course since I’m not doing this full time, time management is the big challenge here. I have a day job now, and that day job also need a great amount of dedication for me to perform well for the company that will also the funds some of these project. Haha ^^,

I’m a starving artist!

I wonder when I can start to make a living 100% from my creative media works.


My Wish and Advice To My Dear Friends Who Still Lost In The Sea of Nothingness

Hey, guys…

It’s me…

No, not Adele song, but it’s me. smile

I’ve been lost for quite some times you know? And I kinda regret that I start all of these late. Imagine if I do it at the same age as you now, I am quote confident that you will line up to get my signature now… (Joke) bigsmile

But then, what’s your next year resolutions?

Will you want to achieve something and feel good about it? You’re an illustrator? Another musician like me? A cosplayers? A freelance models? Well, maybe it’s just a hobby for some of you.

But why don’t take that hobby a little bit further so you can feel proud of it?

Anything will do. smile

For me, I have to reach someone. smile

That’s kinda my motivations and I hope my wax wings didn’t melt before I reach that sun. I don’t want to be the second Icarus. I’ve used cement now, instead of wax.

Thanks for All The Support! ^o^/ (… and motivations)


Angie, one of the famous Malaysian cosplayer holding on to Permulaan Baru + Story of Us.

And I would love to first and foremost thanks my mom for always believing in what I do. Believing and blessing me until those who don’t believe become speechless in my achievements past few months. This year, 2015 is what I mean. smile

And thanks to dearest friends, THE KNIGHT 4Z group member! Haha
You know who you are.
Thanks for being by my side and also thank you for believing in my dream and take parts in it.
Without you guys, it will be another lonely night with my lonely dreams.
I hope you guys will always take part in my project and let’s go to the top together!

Also thanks to all the people who rejecting and ignoring me. Hmmp! Haha!
Without you ignoring me and rejecting me, I won’t have the energy to push myself even more to achieve my dream because it hurts right in the kokoro when you guys actually rejecting and ignoring me, worst even look down on me. It’s okay, I don’t hold grudge at all.
But I will always remember who you are though… and you will never have a front seat in my show like those who actually believe in me when I still have nothing.

Last and not least, to the love that seems so far.
Thank you for at least exist in between of my heart even as the smallest particle.
I use that kind feeling to always being nice to everyone and to always pull me back from arrogant and such devilish attitude for I know I may need another good karma so that I can be with you. It’s been long enough you know. Almost 700 years now. smile

Life is strange, so… let’s not be normal.

Please always support me and like my Facebook page : W.G. Creative Media Productions.

[Album] Permulaan Baru by Various Artist

[Album] Permulaan Baru by Various Artist

Permulaan Baru is the first ever Vocaloid album released commercially in Bahasa Malaysia. smile

Permulaan Baru Cover Art

Permulaan Baru Cover Art

It consists of compilations of 9 songs by local Malaysian Vocaloid producers.
One of the producers is me, under the name of Wiguan. smile

I’m excited to showcase this here but please go on to the official website of this project to read more about how this awesome project started in the beginning.

This link will bring you to this album page on VzerMY official website, Permulaan Baru (Extended Play).

UI For RPG Mobile Game

UI For RPG Mobile Game

I am pretty much influenced with JRPG games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokemon but those game are pretty much in bird eye point of view.

Since I am aiming for a 3D game, I want to control the character from third person perspective like in action RPG.

After testing some mechanics, I come out with this simple layout.


RPG Mobile Game UI

RPG Mobile Game UI

And because I don’t aim to make an action RPG games, I don’t need other button control than what shown in the diagram above.

The game I’m developing now doesn’t even include “battle mechanic” instead the users goals are to finish a rhythm game.

So another UI that  I needed is the dialogue and quest system.
Here’s how it look like.


Dialogue & Quest System UI

Dialogue & Quest System UI

And we must not forgot that this is a mobile game that runs on touch screen. So we don’t need to complicate the buttons. All can be set dynamically like the above diagram.

While choosing between the two options, the dialogue UI will be disabled.

This might not be the most innovative idea, but it works. smile

My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition v0.2

My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition v0.2

My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition

My Most Precious Treasure : MMD Edition

Goals :

  1. Be able to load the game.
  2. Be able to load “Rumah Miku”.
  3. Be able to move.
  4. Be able to do camera zoom.
  5. Be able to tilt and rotate camera angle.
  6. Be able to load “Permulaan Baru (Easy)”.
  7. Be able to finished “Permulaan Baru (Easy)”
    What’s your score?

Notes : There’s no way to go out from each of the scene, “Rumah Miku” and “Permulaan Baru (Easy)” after it load.
Simply kill/restart the app to try to load the different scene.


  1. Left : Move front, backward, left, right.
  2. Middle : Camera zoom (two finger on iOS, not sure on Android, help me test)
    Only y-axis.
  3. Right : Camera tilt (two finger on iOS, not sure on Android, help me test)
    Tilt = y-axis
    Rotate = x-axis

Please help me screenshot how the main menu look like too. smile

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