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Change In Priority!

Change In Priority!

I will stop developing Ancestral Curse for now.

Mostly because the point of interest have changed, and second because this game requires some historical reference.

I plan to work together with my sister who is now undergo a study in history for her master. With her, securing the finance will also easier since she have more credibility in this field. That’s the point, of making this game. I want to relive the past of Borneo.

For now, I’m prioritizing my point of interest, which is music.

Music heals a broken heart, and game about music it is.

A game that can help other musician to be featured and discovered by listener. Creating an experience where listening to music is now can be done, differently and more interactive-ly. smile

Please wait for the update, I’ll make the game as low-budget but fun as possible. I was thinking about crowdfunding too. Perhaps I’ll ask some friend that have done that. But before we have the crowd funding, we should have something to show off.

The crowdfunding is not “pay my bills” stuff but to more “help me make this happen” and “pay first get later” for the supporters. bigsmile

What do you think?

Game Dev #7 – I’m Going For FLAT DESIGN

Game Dev #7 – I’m Going For FLAT DESIGN

I’m a bad graphic creator. mrgreen

But that doesn’t make me a bad graphic designer. tongue

Well, my mind is creative (self-praise! rolleyes ) it’s just that I don’t have enough skills and disciplines in graphic media production to make a great graphic and visual elements that projected by my mind. It’s like you are a great architect but you’re not a good contractor to build the house. And since you don’t have enough money to hire a contractor, you decide to choose easier architecture so you can do it yourself. blush

Since I don’t have many resources for this demo games, I guess I have to find a solution. And then an idea strike into me suggest me to use a FLAT DESIGN style. idea