Summary of How To Use SQLite on Unity3D Free Version

By Frozenfire, from the original post Using SQLite Database in Unity3D 4.3.3f. However this guide is for Windows users. 1. Download a Precompiled DLL of SQLite 2. Move the sqlite3.dll and sqlite3.def to Assets/Plugins in your unity project 3. Download SQLite Browser 4. Create a database in your Assets/ folder in your unity project with […]

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Using SQLite Database In Unity3D 4.3.3f
The debug log print the value correctly.

What I want is to create an inventory system for my game. I read through all the options from the world wide web and there’s many options that I can choose. Some of them are using XML, JSON and then SQLite database which then attract my attention and interest. I’ve experience working with MySQL when […]

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