Building Computer for Game Development
GameDev Diary - Building a Computer for Game Development

[Transcribe] Game Dev Diary – Jan 14 2017 – Building a Computer for Game Development Purpose This is a transcription of a video which talk about building a computer for game development purpose. If you cannot view the video in this post, please watch the video from this url: Introduction Alright guys, my name is […]

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How To Be A Successful “Indie” Guy?

1. Setting Up Specific Goals You set a specific goal for yourself so you won’t get lost or won’t do unnecessary things that will distract you from the success path. You might seem busy, but doesn’t mean that you are walking up the ladders. You might be just walking up and down in infinite loop. […]

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Code Name : Cyber Robot Girl In Planning!

If you’re my friend and my circle, most probably you already know that now I’m on my way to finish “A Day With Nana“. It’s just a simple visual novel game that I’m making with Tyrano Builder, a free assets provided by my friends, my own self fantasy storyline as well as my original music […]

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