GameDev #14 – We’re Slow But Still Moving
Absolute Point Garden (WIP)

It’s been a challenging week for me. Fighting alone with emotional challenges and many other things that we call¬†life. But I’m still struggling, I’ll not be a quitter. Even though this look meaningless but level design is not as easy as I thought. In my opinion it is easy to program a game mechanic than […]

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Free Trees & Vegetations In Unity Asset Store

I downloaded all of the available FREE trees and other vegetations from the Unity Assets Store and “auditioned” them all in one scene. After looking at all of them, we never actually needed to buy any of this tree model if making a generic jungle is all we need. Generic tropical jungle is what I […]

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Not As Much Trees As I Thought; It’s The FOG!

I rebooted into my Bootcamp partition and launched Windows 8 Pro that I installed there. I occasionally boot to Windows partition just to play games. It’s unusual for me to do anything really productive there since I got my Macbook Pro. The saying is really true. Once you go Mac, you’ll never look back. They […]

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