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Character AI Patrol [Game Dev VLog #4]


I manage to make them patrol a waypoint route. But I’m not very satisfied with the results. It is because when using Mecanim system, the character is TOO DYNAMIC that sometimes they get really wild and wander off. However this is done without any custom script at all. Perhaps when we’re using custom script to control the behaviour, they will at-least behave and obey the rules that we setup for them. I really feel like I’m working with something that can think for themselves and the unpleasant part is that they are naughty. lol

The video shows only short experimentation I’ve done. I have at least 6 different scenes with different parameters and settings, and Mecanim is really hard to work with.

I guess I’ll leave all the “bugs” for awhile and continue the production. Here a priority list is important. You may not want to stuck in small bugs and delay the whole production process, especially when you are a “one man show”.

I’ll moving out from this prototyping scenes and will try to start a so called “alpha version”. I want to make the game finished soon enough. Regardless of how does it looks like. I can’t model, so I’ll use pre-made models.

Enter, Exit Building & Pick Up Items [Game Dev Prototyping #3]

Player Movements

  1. Walk [DONE]
  2. Run [DONE]
  3. Jump [DONE]
  4. Talk (Audio) [DONE]
  5. Subtitle [DONE]
  6. Audio [DONE]
  7. Choose Dialog [DELAYED]
  8. Play animation (Mecanim) [DELAYED]
  10. Pick up items. [DONE]

Two items being delayed because I want to focus on more interesting part of the game. Creating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT . bigsmile

Right now I was looking at RAIN from Rival Theory since it’s free and no licensing needed at all.

Player Control Mechanism Using Mecanim in Unity 4.3.3f

Player Control Mechanism Using Mecanim in Unity 4.3.3f

Like I said in my previous post. I’m not a programmer.

I spent 2 days to research, learn and do trial and error while making just this SIMPLE mechanism.

There’s many ready solution in Unity Assets Store but I find them doesn’t satisfy my needs and beside most of the time is because I cannot understand the code. Another problem to consider is also the pricing. I want to make this game with as little resources as possible. Not because I’m stingy, but because I’m broke. sad Enough said.

This control mechanism is INSPIRED 100% from my favourite game Assassins Creed 3.

The mechanism are:

  • WSAD to WALK.
  • WSAD + Right Mouse to RUN.
  • WSAD + Right Mouse + Space to SPRINT (Faster than RUN).
  • Walk, run and spring in the mouse cursor direction.
  • 360 ° camera view around the player avatar. (Because I like to see the face of the main character sometimes.)

Here are some of the screenshots from the video.

This is not complete yet.

There’s still more functions that I wanted to add like, interaction, jump, focus on enemy, attack, shoot and etc.