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[Album] Permulaan Baru by Various Artist

[Album] Permulaan Baru by Various Artist

Permulaan Baru is the first ever Vocaloid album released commercially in Bahasa Malaysia. smile

Permulaan Baru Cover Art

Permulaan Baru Cover Art

It consists of compilations of 9 songs by local Malaysian Vocaloid producers.
One of the producers is me, under the name of Wiguan. smile

I’m excited to showcase this here but please go on to the official website of this project to read more about how this awesome project started in the beginning.

This link will bring you to this album page on VzerMY official website, Permulaan Baru (Extended Play).

Hey Jude (Cover) by Hatsune Miku

I was gladly make Vocaloid 3 to work on OSX (by default is Windows only) using WineSkin. So far this “not emulator” software manages to run almost all Windows applications that I wanted to use.


Vocaloid 3 on MAC OSX

Vocaloid 3 on MAC OSX

Running Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

Running Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

Synthesizing The Vocal Track In Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

Synthesizing The Vocal Track In Vocaloid 3 On MAC OSX

So I try I put some test on the Vocaloid 3 editor and this is what I manage to output.

Work Flow

One of the long reason I am using a MacBook Pro from 2011 is because of Logic Pro, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that only available for OSX platform.

Another reason is because the reliability core audio gave when recording an analog signal compare when on Windows we need to use something [I forgot the name OMG!].

Vocaloid 3 editor is only useful for inserting the lyric for the software to synthesis the vocal tracks and then to tweak the settings for the vocal. It won’t work as a full fledge DAW, even though it can, it will waste most of your time doing something so easy in a full fledge DAW like Logic Pro or Cubase.

  1. Work on the musical instrumental in Logic Pro.
  2. Export the instrumentals as .wav file to be imported into Vocaloid 3 editor.
  3. Export the Midi file of the vocal track to be imported into Vocaloid 3 editor.
  4. Export the vocal track only from Vocaloid 3 editor to be imported back into Logic Pro X.
  5. Mixing and Mastering, bounce as .wav files and .mp3 files at their highest settings.
  6. Steal some image from internet and make it a video and the upload to YouTube. (LoL) lol
[Single] I’m Waiting For You by Sun of The Dawn

[Single] I’m Waiting For You by Sun of The Dawn

Wow, my first post about music production! cool

I hope people can accept this. blush


The above song might not be the most beautiful song you ever heard. blush

. . . and might not be the best mixed or the best mastered either. neutral

But it’s my first release to the public, and this song somehow have it curse and what I’m feeling now by the time I write this post. I’m really waiting for someone. Waiting for someone to come back. :'(

I look up at the blue sky, put my hopes on the wind.

I don’t know when I’ll be blessed for them to come true.

That’s what my prayer now. sad

This condition also what makes me feel afraid. Afraid to compose another cursed song. uneasy

However, I slowly recovered from the sorrow and today I manage to face, to hear this song again. Though I’m not really feel fine yet, I think I can take it now. At least for today. neutral