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My Precious Project Progress

My Precious Project Progress

My Most Precious Treasure, or My Precious for short is a visual novel + rhythm games.

So far I’ve gathered a team to help me realise this project.

We have progress quite far in the “theory” side but not really much on the real product accomplishment.

  1. Game Design Document are ready at 70% completeness.
    This document will serve as our project proposal if we ever asking some financial aid soon.
    If not, it’s still a good practice to keep one.
  2. Character references are 100% done for the main roles and the key supporting role.
    But in my future plan to add more supporting role when needed since this is a visual novel anyway.
    Though only two characters finished with their concept art.
  3. We are lack of 2D graphic artist, especially the one needed to draw the anime style character design.
    We still need 2D artist, if you think you willing to join us, please contact directly. smile
  4. 3D artist, we have one in probation.
    Since he also busy with his own project, I’m not sure if he can cover the creation of all other members agree to his work standard.
  5. We have some UI done.
    We’ve moved away from OnGUI and started to use Unity 4.6 uGUI system.
    But there’s still bugs here and there from plyGame side, XCode and Unity side.
    Right now I’m waiting for the bug fixes before I can go ahead.

Here’s some video of what we got so far.

What do you think about our project?

The Visual Novel + Rhythm Game Progress

I’ve decided a name for this game.

My Most Precious Treasure

I know, it may not be the most original title ever. But at least I found inspiration and idea of where the story will progress and hey, I already planned a sequel! lol

This game is also made using plyGame. A nice surprise is, that it handle the “touch” already.

Here’s how some insights of the development.

DiaQ Graph

DiaQ Graph

DiaQ Graph is the engine behind the dialogue system. It also capable to be used as a quest system for other kind of games.

Game Play In Unity3D

Game Play In Unity3D

So, what do you think?

Rhythm Game On Desktop? Not Wise!

Rhythm Game On Desktop? Not Wise!

I was happily creating a new project for the said rhythm game that I wrote on earlier post. bigsmile

. . . then I realized, how the heck will the player tap on the screen? Using WASD and arrow key? surprised

Not very fun and wise.

This is where I decide (and realized) it’s time for mobile games! lol

Sun of the Dawn Mobile Game

Sun of the Dawn Mobile Game

Some Problems Though

The splash screen doesn’t come out right for now.


Above, the copyright being cut-off and the image reduced until become blurry. Below, is original image.