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A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

A Day With Nana Progress April 2017

A Day With Nana was rather an ambitious project. Only if I have enough funding to fulfill all the ambitious feature. But I’ve decided, instead of dropping it all together, I’ll just reduced the project into smaller and easier to accomplished project.

Rewrite the Manuscript of A Day With Nana

A Day with Nana Manuscript

A Day with Nana Manuscript

From the feedback I’ve got from the demo version 0.0.1, I’ve decided to rewrite the manuscript into something all English and I removed all the weaboo references. It’s not that I don’t understand the target audience but then, I think that’s just proper thing to do. We might get some new comer who don’t understand the terminology to enjoy reading too.

However, I kind of feel that this time, the script is not so immerse.

But struggling to complete the project as main priority, I just go ahead and stop being perfectionist.

I admit I’m not a great writer to begin with. So, please forgive me for that.

Stripping of Feature

Converting from manuscript to Renpy Python script

Converting from manuscript to Renpy Python script

A Day With Nana will no longer use Live2D. I am also will no longer trying to make it 360 degree view-able in VR headset or whatsoever that feature. I’ve no time, and resources to do so.

But let’s just try to make things happening.

I still hope I will complete this project and proudly show it off ass one of my work in the future.

So, as of for now, I’ll be using Renpy to make this visual novel.

It will be just a simple almost kinetic visual novel with not much ending.

I’ve Made a Game Development YouTube Channel

I’ll stop uploading game development video to my personal channel at Pangeran Wiguan’s YouTube Channel due to reason that I want to dedicated that channel only for music related stuffs. So I make a new channel called Game Dev Endeavor.

Please subscribe to this new YouTube channel. smile

The new channel will be closely about game development, and finding bugs in other game developer’s games. You know, try to help each other and give some critics and feedback like how the many “let’s play” video on YouTube, just that it will be focus more on indie games.

So, until next time guys.

I hope you guys still here.

A Day With Nana now VR-friendly!

A Day With Nana now VR-friendly!

There’s video in this post, so if you can’t see it in your email you might as well just come to my blog and watch it there.

3D Background

So I decide to pursue the “3D” route.

3D background with 2D anime style character just like real visual novel will look like.

Look at the video and tell me what do you think?


A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

A Day With Nana Reached Beta Release Version 0.1

At first, this project only aims to get half an hour game play from two buddies play around in their small studio, trying to be productive by making impressive portfolio of past works projects.

A Day With Nana Beta Release Version 0.1

But then, I became so greedy and ambitious.

I am then put myself on the stretch goal.

Instead of making a simple story visual novel game, I want it to have at least 1 – 2 hours of game play. I also want to record original theme music for the characters and maybe extra one for each mood.

After that, I become more ambitious.

I want to give the character a voice!
But to give it full voice, will be impossible for me.
So the voices will be a simple expressive voice to make the conversation feels more alive.

Anyway, for those of you who is interested to test out this beta version, please download it from the link below.

A Day With Nana (Beta Version 0.1)

And after you’ve tried it, why don’t give me a feedback? smile

My Precious Project Progress

My Precious Project Progress

My Most Precious Treasure, or My Precious for short is a visual novel + rhythm games.

So far I’ve gathered a team to help me realise this project.

We have progress quite far in the “theory” side but not really much on the real product accomplishment.

  1. Game Design Document are ready at 70% completeness.
    This document will serve as our project proposal if we ever asking some financial aid soon.
    If not, it’s still a good practice to keep one.
  2. Character references are 100% done for the main roles and the key supporting role.
    But in my future plan to add more supporting role when needed since this is a visual novel anyway.
    Though only two characters finished with their concept art.
  3. We are lack of 2D graphic artist, especially the one needed to draw the anime style character design.
    We still need 2D artist, if you think you willing to join us, please contact directly. smile
  4. 3D artist, we have one in probation.
    Since he also busy with his own project, I’m not sure if he can cover the creation of all other members agree to his work standard.
  5. We have some UI done.
    We’ve moved away from OnGUI and started to use Unity 4.6 uGUI system.
    But there’s still bugs here and there from plyGame side, XCode and Unity side.
    Right now I’m waiting for the bug fixes before I can go ahead.

Here’s some video of what we got so far.

What do you think about our project?

The Visual Novel + Rhythm Game Progress

I’ve decided a name for this game.

My Most Precious Treasure

I know, it may not be the most original title ever. But at least I found inspiration and idea of where the story will progress and hey, I already planned a sequel! lol

This game is also made using plyGame. A nice surprise is, that it handle the “touch” already.

Here’s how some insights of the development.

DiaQ Graph

DiaQ Graph

DiaQ Graph is the engine behind the dialogue system. It also capable to be used as a quest system for other kind of games.

Game Play In Unity3D

Game Play In Unity3D

So, what do you think?